A day off from town planning so settling down to watch @NewTownUtopia on Amazon Prime.

For those looking for an interesting watch, check out @NewTownUtopia on Amazon Prime. Really speaks to the view of the arts in our towns outside of the big cities! Great stuff 👍🏻

Just finished watching New Town Utopia. One of the most devastatingly beautiful pieces of cinematography I’ve ever seen

@andylutwyche @Heimdayl @greeborunner @JamesHandscombe You need to watch "New Town Utopia" - a history of Basildon by its artists poets and singers ... including Depeche Mode @NewTownUtopia #AmazonPrime

We watched New Town Utopia (Christopher Ian Smith, 2017) a portrait of the socialist futurism behind Basildon new town, the subsequent capitalist selling out of that dream and the renegade artists bursting through the pavement. Beautifully shot throughout; pure concrete humanity.

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